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Football is that kind of sport that gives a relaxing atmosphere when watching it, and offers energy and fresh thoughts. The football players are the most admirable, wanted and handsome men in the world. They are those who have enviable career, beautiful women close to them and look gorgeous. The football players are attractive people with a lot of money and fame, including also an adorable body, that fascinate all the females. We recommend you a list of the most handsome football players and you can choose your favorite one, or just delight your eyes with their extraordinary look.

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Michael Owen

Image Michael Owen - The Most Handsome Football Players in the World

Michael Owen started his career playing for small groups of children and juniors of the Liverpool Club. This made himself noted since then for his speed, technique and his amazing qualities of marker. The 1995-1996 season, the first success appeared for Owen, he won the FA Cup, at juniors, at Liverpool. He was immediately promoted to first team where he had an important impact. Despite he w...

Cristiano Ronaldo

Image Cristiano Ronaldo - The Most Handsome Football Players in the World

Ronaldo was born in Madeira, Portugal, son of Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro and José Dinis Aveiro. He was born on February 2, 1985. He has an older brother, Hugo, and two older sisters, Elma  and Liliana Catia. Liliana Catia is a singer with the stage name "Ronald" in Portugal. Cristiano's second name ("Ronaldo") is relatively rare in Portugal. His parents named him in honor of f...

Fernando Torres

Image Fernando Torres - The Most Handsome Football Players in the World

Fernando José Torres Sanz, born on March 20, 1984, Madrid, Spain is a Spanish football player that has the striker position at the English team Chelsea FC and at the national football team of Spain. It is nicknamed El Niño, that means child. He began his career at Atlético Madrid, being promoted through the juniors of the team. He made his debut as a professional in 2001 and during his ...

David Beckham

Image David Beckham - The Most Handsome Football Players in the World

The Football player David Beckham was born on May2, 1975 in London, United Kingdom. His full name is David Robert Joseph Beckham and he has two sisters, Lynne and Joanne. When he was 11 years old he wo a prize at the contest for football skills held by Sir Bobby Charlton at Old Trafford and got two weeks of training at FC Barcelona. His father, who was a fan of Manchester United convinced him not to leave. In 1993, when he was 18...

Thierry Henry

Image Thierry Henry - The Most Handsome Football Players in the World

Thierry Henry is definitely one of the best football players we ever seen. With incredible performances at both personal and team level, Henry ranks up there through the talents of the gallery. The career of the Frenchman is absolutely gorgeous, Henry winning all the most important trophies from football. Although he was not very attracted by football during the childhood, Henry was sometimes downright forced to ...

Adrian Mutu

Image Adrian Mutu - The Most Handsome Football Players in the World

On January 8, 1979 was born in Calinesti, Arges the future football player  Adrian Mutu called also the “Briliant”. Adrian Mutu began his career at FC Arges Dacia Pitesti in 1996, where he scored 11 goals in 41 matches. In 1999, is following the transfer to Dinamo Bucharest, where he made himself famous through those 22 goals scored in 33 matches. In 2000 he leaves the Roma...

Cristian Chivu

Image Cristian Chivu - The Most Handsome Football Players in the World

Cristian Chivu born on October 26, 1980 is a famous Romanian football player. He is the defender at his current club Inter Milan and at Romania's national soccer team, where is a very important player too. Chivu started his professional career in football at CSM Resita in 1996, where he stayed until 1998, when he moved to University of Craiova. He was remarked by the famous Dutch club Ajax ...

Nicolas Anelka

Image Nicolas Anelka - The Most Handsome Football Players in the World

Nicolas Anelka is probably the most fickle football player ever known. Although he is only 31 years, he managed to change a large number of teams, and the money spent on his transfers over time almost reach the sum of 100 million pounds. He firstly played for Paris Saint-Germain, where he stayed for a short period and then is moving to Arsenal in England. Here arrived his first great affirm...

Francesco Totti

Image Francesco Totti - The Most Handsome Football Players in the World

Francesco Totti is undoubtedly one of the greatest football players of the last decades. The symbol of Rome managed to achieve record after record, finding through his performances in the gallery of the most titled players from the Italian football. Totti started his career at Rome’s juniors, the team that he has always supported. Always said he wanted to play in Rome, never intended to leave the Romanian group. The debut a...

Freddy Ljunberg

Image Freddy Ljunberg - The Most Handsome Football Players in the World

Freddy Ljunberg as well as Henrik Larsson, is the best product of Swedish football of the 90s.He spent most of his career at Arsenal, being a wonderful part from the team built of Arsene Wenger. Ljunberg began his career at Swedish team Halmstads where he was noted a few years later by Arsenal. In 1998 he is transferred by the "gunners" for the am...


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