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Luxury, comfort, age, class, space, cutting edge, whichever words could describe the politic of the most demanding hosts of the world- the owners of the luxury hotels. Designed to meet the most demanding tastes, luxury hotels continue to lead a hierarchical struggle, powered by the latest gimmicks of permanent architecture, interior design or technology. Precisely because of this, the leaders of the charts are always in change. In this article we will name just few of the representatives of this luxury world, which have kept its exclusive specifics, attracting and enchanting through their marvelous design, style and unique architecture. Here is a list of the most luxury hotels in the world, and you have to choose the one you like and vote it!

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Atlantis Hotel

Image Atlantis Hotel - The Most Luxury Hotels in the World

Atlantis Hotel located on the Paradise Island is a splendid vacation destination which celebrates the veritable wonders of the sea,being inspired by the myth of the lost continent of Atlantis. The resort includes 2,300 guest rooms, an entertainment center with the largest casino in the whole Caribbean region, an incredible collection of luxury boutiques and chic shops and extraordinary meeting and convention facilities, including...

Burj Al Arab Hotel

Image Burj Al Arab Hotel - The Most Luxury Hotels in the World

One of the highest hotel in the world, ranked at seven stars, was built on a completely artificial island, situated at a distance of 280 meters from the shore. This is the prestigious Burj Al Arab, a majestic hotel, erected in a small paradise. As expected, the wonderful hotel was built to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, equipped with a generous platform for Rolls Royce cars and a helicopter landing runway, whic...

The Palazzo Resort Hotel

Image The Palazzo Resort Hotel - The Most Luxury Hotels in the World

 Las Vegas is famous for its bustling night life, but especially for the thousands of casinos that holds between its walls. Like A Morgana Girl of the easy gain, Las Vegas annually attracts millions of tourists lured by the lights, money and the promise of luxury. From all the hotels in the area, Palazzo and Venetian Resort Hotel, which share the same license, seem to be the most prepared for these "emergency" that take place the y...

Grand Resort Lagonissi

Image Grand Resort Lagonissi - The Most Luxury Hotels in the World

Hotel Grand Resort Lagonissi with luxurious style comes with all kinds of comfort such as: Tennis territory and business centru. At 53 minutes distance from the center, this hotel is located in Athens Sounio Avenue Street, 40km in the south-east part of the city. It is ideal if you want to discover the city and its surroundings. This marvelous hotel offers a unique service: golf course. For those who are going to the airport, ...

Hotel President Wilson

Image Hotel President Wilson - The Most Luxury Hotels in the World

Hotel President Wilson represents an elegant 5-star hotel which is beautifully situated on the seafront promenade and offers spectacular views of Geneva’s Lake Geneva, Mont Blanc and the Alps. It has a luxury spa and an outdoor pool. All the rooms of the President Wilson Hotel have air conditioning and features of the latest generation, luxury bathroom and a flat screen TV of brand B ...

The Hotel Park Hyatt-Vendome

Image  The Hotel Park Hyatt-Vendome - The Most Luxury Hotels in the World

The Hotel Park Hyatt-Vendome is a 5-star hotel located in the very heart of Paris, in the famous Rue de la Paix, near the Place Vendome, Place de la Concorde, Champs-Elysees and the Louvre Museum. The Imperial Suite of the hotel has an area of about 250 square meters, featuring a living room, individual spa of the latest technology. The average price of this apartment is $ 15,000 per night. The luxurious hotel was established in ...

The Four Seasons Hotel

Image The Four Seasons Hotel - The Most Luxury Hotels in the World

The Four Seasons Hotel in New York offers a remarkable new standard for the high qualified services in the city that never sleeps. Beautifully positioned on 57th Street, between Madison and Park Avenues, the hotel is designed amid the City's premier corporate and the most famous shopping addresses. This extraordinary and luxury property represents a treasured monument to New York sophistication.  ...

The Ritz Hotel

Image The Ritz Hotel - The Most Luxury Hotels in the World

Located beautifully between the Louvre Museum and Opera House, Ritz Hotel impresses with great elegance and refinement. The Imperial Suite of this luxury hotel (with an average price of $ 18,000 per night) revives the old grandeur of the rooms and the main room has a canopy bed room identical to that of Queen Marie Antoinette of Versailles Palace. The Imperial Apartment name comes from the large number of people ...

Ritz Carlton Hotel

Image Ritz Carlton Hotel - The Most Luxury Hotels in the World

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, in Moscow has a great position, and is located at 3 minutes walk from Red Square and from the GUM Department Store. This luxury hotel is also in the business center of the city. It offers the glamorous class and sophistication of the nineteenth century style. Its large rooms are very stylish and also modern. There is available the electronic control of curtains, lighting and not to be disturbed signs. ...

Grand Hyatt Hotel

Image Grand Hyatt Hotel - The Most Luxury Hotels in the World

Grand Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai is one of the hotels "perched" at the highest elevations, with the supreme advantage of a unique view over the city. The hotel occupies the upper floors of the Jin Mao tower, specifically the area between the floors 53 and 87. Located in Pudong's center, that represents the business and financial district of Shanghai, the hotel offers easy access to Shanghai Stock Exchange, to the Shanghai World Fin...


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