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 Everyone loves sport and wants to be a great sportive, with amazing performances. Tennis is that kind of sport that relaxes and in the same time concentrates our brain. Tennis is a fantastic game, full of energy, positivism, and all the time the players are in a good mood. The best tennis players are the most adorable players, admired for their hard efforts. They are in an athletic form all the time and have a very sexy body, attracting the attention of the spectators. There are a great number of tennis players who deserve our respect and wait to be voted on the list that we will offer. Try to choose the one you like and make your own decision based on real facts!!!

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Rafael Nadal

Image Rafael Nadal - The Best Tennis Players in the World

Rafael Nadal has won the Wimbledon tour in July 2008, defeating his main opponent, the famous Roger Federer, and he is also quintuple champion at the Grand Slam tournament, has won for 4 times the tennis tournament Roland Garros and won all the matches played in the French tour until now. It's no wonder that after so many performances, the name of the tennis star Rafael Nadal was given to a 4 km diameter asteroid, located between...

Pete Sampras

Image Pete Sampras - The Best Tennis Players in the World

Pete Sampras - the embodiment of tennis itself, quiet, modest, and a beautiful tennis champion. His career is detached from a story with heroes with so many won titles and many of them "framed" at the beginning or at the end on an U.S. Open, won against another tennis hero, Andre Agassi. We grew up seeing the hero winning the 7 magic awards, we are talking here about the seven Wimbledon titles, a total of 14 Grand Slam ...

Andre Agassi

Image Andre Agassi - The Best Tennis Players in the World

Agassi was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, the son of Emmanuel "Mike" Aghassian and Elizabeth "Betty" Agassi. His father is an Iranian of Armenian-Assyrian origin, representing Iran at the Olympics in 1948 and 1952, in box, before emigrated to the United States. His desire was to have a child who could win all four Grand Slam tournaments. He learned tennis by watching tapes with great champions. When Agassi started...

Roger Federer

Image Roger Federer - The Best Tennis Players in the World

Roger Federer was born on August 8, 1981 in Basel, Switzerland. He is a professional tennis player who holds the record of 237 weeks atop the ATP rankings. Federer has won 13 Grand Slam tournaments (three Australian Open, 5 Wimbledon and 5 U.S. Open) and still has won only one Grand Slam tournament to surpass the best tennis player ever, Pete Samepras. Roger Federer holds many records, including the longest string of victories on...

Maria Sharapova

Image Maria Sharapova - The Best Tennis Players in the World

 Maria Sharapova was born on April 19, 1987 in the town of Nyagan, Russia. She has moved later in Bradenton, Florida. Her veritable talent and striking beauty charmed the audience with a passion for tennis. Mary was coached by her father, Yuri Sharapov and also by the coach Robert Lansdorp. She hit the tennis ball for the first time when she was 4. At nine years, she began training with Nick Bollettieri at the Tennis Academy...

Victor Hanescu

Image Victor Hanescu - The Best Tennis Players in the World

Victor Hanescu is a Romanian tennis player. His father, Constantine, and his mother, Cristina, are both engineers, and younger sister, Irina, is practicing swimming. His hobbies include football (is a fan of Steaua Bucharest), fishing and swimming (sports who competed until the age of 12 years). He began playing tennis at 7 years. He started his professional career when won his first ATP at the simple category, ranking points in ...

Mark Philippoussis

Image Mark Philippoussis - The Best Tennis Players in the World

Mark Philippoussis was born on 7th of Nov 1976, in Australia, Melbourne. He is an Australian tennis player, a superb model, television personality being very famous for reaching 8th place in male singles competition in 1999. On Gran Slams his best result were the winning of the finals in 1998 US Open and 2003 Wimbledon.   He also app...

Ivan Lendl

Image Ivan Lendl - The Best Tennis Players in the World

Born in former Czechoslovakia, in Ostrava in 1960, Ivan Lendl was the one who dominated the tennis world in the 80s, and is considered by experts as one of the most talented tennis players of all the time. His mother, Olga Lendlova, was a Top Ten player in their country, ranking as high as No. 2. The father of the player, Jiri Lendl, also was a fine player, ranking as high as No. 15, who later on, in 1990, became president o...

Stefan Edberg

Image Stefan Edberg - The Best Tennis Players in the World

Stefan Edberg – known also as Golden Swede was born on January 19, 1966 in Vastervik town in Sweden. After practicing the junior tennis in 1983 he switched to professionals. Stefan Edberg has impressed since the juniors where he managed to win all four Grand Slam tournaments. In the same year he turned into a professional player and Edberg won his first doubles title this time in Switzerland in Basel. Stefan Edberg was the ...


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