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About The Most Famous Motorcycles in the World

 Everyone in his live experienced a ride on a motorcycle and enjoyed the most exciting adventure, when the speed goes higher and higher. A ride on a bike is really an incredible experience, when you live special moments, when the wind seems to take you in the air. Which are the models of motorcycles you like most of all? We will offer you a list of the most famous motorcycles and try to vote the one you would like to have?

Vote the best in order to establish the winner in The Most Famous Motorcycles in the World.


Image Kawasaki - The Most Famous Motorcycles in the World

The story of the Kawasaki Company begins in 1924, at that time being involved in the metallurgic and aircraft industry. On two or four wheels or no wheels (the water vehicles), the name of Kawasaki has always been synonymous with "fun". Operating under the umbrella of the giant Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the consumer products division and the motor is the responsible part that occupies with the launching on the market t...


Image Suzuki - The Most Famous Motorcycles in the World

 The history of the Suzuki Corporation started long ago, in 1909, when it was founded in Hamamatsu, Japan, as Suzuki Loom Works. For the first time, Suzuki reached the international attention by producing the first motor bike, designed and executed professionally. Followed, by turn, veritable motorcycles and later cars, with a capacity of about 125cc with small consumption of gasoline,...


Image Ducati - The Most Famous Motorcycles in the World

Ducati is a motorcycle manufacturer based in Bologna, Italy, which enjoyed success in the automotive and motorcycle racing. The Italian manufacturer is known for how he managed to combine the elegance of a historically pure Italian design with the performance of a powerful engine, and is the producer of the fastest 250cc motorcycles in the 60’s Mach 1. In 1972, after the success in America in the early 60s with the Scrambler model, ...

Harley Davidson

Image Harley Davidson - The Most Famous Motorcycles in the World

The history of the production of the Harley Davidson motorcycles  (HD or Harley) dates from 1903 when William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson realized a plan of an engine which was applied to a bicycle. The two friends from Wisconsin, Milwaukee considered this as a very important experiment, making them to start the design of an engine that will look much higher and better. Thus, in 1903, William Harley, Arthur Davidson and his brother, Walter...


Image Yamaha - The Most Famous Motorcycles in the World

 Yamaha Motor was established in July 1955 during a struggle fierce for survival on the motorcycle market: at that time there were over 150 motorcycle manufacturers in the world! The original name was Nipon Gakkai, but subsequently is changing its name to Yamaha Corporation. The foundation stone was laid by Genichi Kawakami (1912-2002) by through the production of the YA-1, nicknamed "Aka-Tombo" (flying red dragon)...


Image Honda - The Most Famous Motorcycles in the World

Established in 1946 by Soichiro Honda, Honda Motor Corporation is now the largest producer of motorcycles in the world. Its history can be considered a journey through five decades in the future thinking and technological innovation. Headquartered in Tokyo, the Big Red Wing won an immense popularity in 1958 when launched the model Super Cub, the one whose tradition is carried on today by the famous Honda ...


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