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Gold means luxury, isn’t it? The precious metal is often associated with royalty and wealth. However, this metal is not the most expensive substance in the world. You probably knew that gold is not the most expensive stuff in the world in terms of grams. Not even platinum. Try a new look at the most expensive substances by weight.

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The antimatter

Image The antimatter - The Most Expensive Substances in the World

The antimatter costs 62.5 trillion per gram. In the future it is theoretically possible to use antimatter as fuel for spaceships to other planets. The problem is that its production requires extremely expensive technology, and to create just 1 gram, the world would have to work a whole year (global GDP is 65 trillion dollars). In physics the ' anti-matter is a conglomeration of antiparticles corresponding to...

Californium 252

Image Californium 252 - The Most Expensive Substances in the World

Californium costs $ 27 million per gram. Why is it needed? An element of californium is so expensive to produce, the isotopes of californium do not have any practical application. In the West it was created only once since its opening in 1950. The californium is a ' chemical element with the symbol Cf and the atomic number 98. It is a transuranic element, synthetic , radioactive : californium has very few...


Image Platinum - The Most Expensive Substances in the World

Platinum costs about $ 58 per gram. You can use platinum as a catalyst for scientific experiments, platinum is also worn as jewelry, and taken as anticancer drugs. Platinum is a metal and the ' chemical element of the atomic number 78. Its symbol is Pt . It is a transition metal , malleable , ductile (it is the most malleable metal after gold and silver ), white-gray. It resists corrosion and it possesses the native state that is in s...


Image Tritium - The Most Expensive Substances in the World

Tritium costs $ 30 thousand per gram. It is used to write self-luminous signs "exit" in theaters, schools and offices. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen (hydrogen-3, 3 H) with an atomic mass of 3 (one proton, two neutrons). The half-life of tritium is 12.34 years. For decays, tritium is converted into helium, giving off the rather intense beta radiation. True energy of beta particles are relatively small, so when ...


Image Taaffeite - The Most Expensive Substances in the World

It costs from about 2.5 to 20 thousand dollars per gram, or from 500 to 4 thousand per carat. Taaffeite is a jewel of purple color said to be a million times rarer than diamonds. Because of its extreme rarity it is used only as a gemstone. Taaffeite is a very rare mineral , a complex of oxide (hydroxide), magnesium, beryllium and aluminum, which is close to the spinel and difficult distinguishable from it...


Image Diamonds - The Most Expensive Substances in the World

The price of diamonds is of 55 000 dollars per gram. The colorless stone can cost more than 11 thousand dollars per carat, but colored diamonds are worth more.   Why do we need diamonds?   The natural diamonds are most often used in the jewelry industry. Also, the extreme...


Image Plutonium - The Most Expensive Substances in the World

It costs about $ 4,000 per gram. It is used to create all sorts of nuclear things. There are 2 types of plutonium, one of which is the weapon and the other is used in the nuclear reactors. It is declared that the plutonium is "the most toxic substance on the Earth," and so dangerous that "even a speck of it can kill." We affirm that plutonium is toxic, and only highly qualified specialists work with it. The toxic properties of ...


Image Gold - The Most Expensive Substances in the World

The price is of 56.73 USD per gram. Beside the traditional use in jewelry, gold can be used as an electrical conductor and to prevent corrosion. The ' gold is the ' chemical element of atomic number 79. Its symbol is Au (from the Latin "aurum"). It is a transition metal soft , heavy , ductile , malleable yellow. The gold, copper and cesium are the only elements in the metallic state, in standard conditions , it is colored (i...

Rhinoceros horn

Image Rhinoceros horn - The Most Expensive Substances in the World

It costs $ 110 per gram. The horn is valued as a Vietnam's alleged ability to cure cancer. Its medical application also includes the treatment of fevers and other diseases. It consists of extremely fine, tightly woven fibers of the horny substance called keratin. Keratin is a protein found in the human hair and nails, and in the claws and the hoofs of animals, birds' feathers, porcupine needles, shells and turtles. Rhinoce...


Image Heroin - The Most Expensive Substances in the World

High-quality heroin can cost up to $ 131 per gram. This opiate can be injected, snorted and smoked to change the subconscious. It can also cause seizures and even coma. The ' Heroin is a derivative of ' Opium known today under various names such as drug or Diacetylmorphine- Diamorphine. It 'a substance obtained from semi-synthetic' alkaloid morphine . The dioxide by reaction with the pure substance can be found in white crystal, which ...


Image Methamphetamine - The Most Expensive Substances in the World

Methamphetamine costs $ 100 per gram. It is used for drug addiction with a high degree of euphoria and gives a very popular effect among the young people. The methamphetamine is the N-methyl homologue of ' amphetamine , compared to amphetamine, a sympatho mimetic with increased central activity. It has limited use as a psycho stimulant, and it is subject to abuse, especially in some countries (USA, Philippines, etc.). It shares with t...


Image Cocaine - The Most Expensive Substances in the World

It costs $ 215 per gram. What is it for? Someone says, for a party, someone else to develop addiction. Cocaine is an alkaloid extracted from containing 1% cocaine of coca bush leaves (Erythroxylon coca), cultivated in the highlands of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and many other countries, whose number is steadily growing. Synthetic cocaine may be obtained from ecgonine. Cocaine is a potent of the central nervous system stimulant similar to amphetamine on the action t...


Image Saffron - The Most Expensive Substances in the World

Saffron is the only substance in this poll which is cheaper than gold. Its price is of 11.13 USD per gram. Saffron is a flowering plant that can be used as a natural remedy against everything from depression ending with menstrual cycles. Saffron has a high price for two reasons: first of all, its production is very difficult, and secondly, the aroma, the taste and the medicinal properties of turmeric have no equal among the spices. ...


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