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Flowers are a symbol of love. When someone is sick, we take flowers. When we want to impress a girl, send her a bouquet of roses. Many flowers have various symbols, so avoid giving any of our top plants.

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Image Aconitum - The Most Dangerous Flowers in the World

The plant grows in the northern hemisphere and its nectar was used to manufacture poisonous arrows, hunting and war. If you eat this plant, deadly poison causes the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, followed by strong burning, tingling, paralysis of face, mouth and abdomen. Consumed in high doses, death occurs rapidly....

Mandrake ( bella donna)

Image Mandrake ( bella donna) - The Most Dangerous Flowers in the World

Mandrake grows in Europe, North Africa and western Asia. Unfortunately, all parts are toxic of  mandrake. Children are attracted to the mandrake fruit  which are black, shiny and sweet. Mandrake poisoning symptoms are: dilated pupils, blurred vision, loss of balance, headache, rash, flushing, hallucinations and convulsions. Death disrupts the body's involuntary functions like breathing and perspiration....

Datura (laurel room)

Image Datura (laurel room) - The Most Dangerous Flowers in the World

There are 9 species of Datura and many of them can be found in the U.S. and Mexico. All species contain alkaloids that are lethal. In the past, Datura was used as a hallucinogen and poison. There are some areas in Europe and India where datura was used to commit crimes and suicides. In some parts of the world, it is illegal to buy, or sell or cultivate datura....

Digitalis (red finger)

Image Digitalis (red finger) - The Most Dangerous Flowers in the World

Digitalis is a beautiful flowering plant in the form of red or purple bells. Although there are over 20 species of digitalis, all are fatal. All parts are toxic, but leaves from the top are the most dangerous. A bite of  a leaf of red finger can lead to death. Symptoms of digitalis poisoning are: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, violent hallucinations, delirium, headaches, seizures and heart stopping functions....


Image Lily - The Most Dangerous Flowers in the World

The lily of the valley seems a very delicate flower, but in reality it can be very toxic. Used as garden plant or wedding bouquets, lily of the valley is known for strengthening memory. Unfortunately, all parts are toxic glycosides containing lily of the valley leading to a malfunction of the heart....


Image Brugmansia - The Most Dangerous Flowers in the World

Brugmansia is a plant that grows in 7 species in South American Andes. If consumed, can cause painful symptoms brugmansia to humans and to animals. Reactions include dilated pupils. Because they are highly toxic, in some parts of the world is forbidden to buy, Brugmansia  are growing and selling plants....


Image Pokeweed - The Most Dangerous Flowers in the World

Although it is a plant with beautiful  and delicate flowers, pokeweed is very dangerous. The least dangerous part of the pokeweed is a white flower. If swallowed, it causes vomiting and belching pokeweed plant. Symptoms will progress to spasms, diarrhea, fainting, vomiting with blood and convulsions. Extreme reactions include difficult breathing, coma and death....

Hemlock (conium)

Image Hemlock (conium) - The Most Dangerous Flowers in the World

Hemlock is a plant that grows in all parts of Europe and South Africa. Although it has many qualities, hemlock can be eaten, dried, because it is toxic.  The consumption of green hemlock leads to paralysis of neural centers. Oleander (Nerium oleander) Oleander flowers are very beautiful and popular, but, unfortunately, all parts are toxic. Oleander is cultivated in many homes and is ...

Poppy (opium)

Image Poppy (opium) - The Most Dangerous Flowers in the World

The source of heroin- poppy is the same that help you get a beautiful flower.  It contains morphine, poppy is used to make heroin. Poppy is a plant that is cultivated for centuries. Poppy drug can cause a slow death or coma, and poppy latex can lead to heart and lung collapse. There are people using poppy seeds to treat insomnia and diarrhea....


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