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It is common knowledge that footballers from around the world joined some superb  "halves". It is an unwritten rule that  a football player is to have a very beautiful and sexy woman next to him, preferably a model, an actress or a  TV star. We wrote about the most sexy and beautiful wives of footballers who do nothing more than confirm our  expectations. These women are really very, very sexy! Whether they are models, singers or journalists by trade, footballers wives and girlfriends did not hesitate to show their sexy bodies. Some have posed  for famous magazines and others were caught by paparazzi.

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Yolanthe Sneijder

Image Yolanthe Sneijder - Top Sexiest Wives of Football Players of the World

Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau is, no doubt one of the most attractive and sexiest  female players. She is not only beautiful, but also talented. Yolanthe Sneijder is Spanish model, TV presenter and the  wife of Wesley Sneijder - Netherlands midfielder player and his club. In 2006, 2007 and 2009, was considered  the sexiest woman on the Dutch version of FHM.Born on the Spanish island of Ibiza, Yolanthe married Wesley in Tuscany, Italy after he played the f...

Irina Shayk

Image Irina Shayk - Top Sexiest Wives of Football Players of the World

Despite the fact that last week all the Western media headlined about the change of Cristiano Ronaldo , Irina Shayk proved that they are together. The model came to support her boyfriend at the awarding official prize "Best Player in Europe" by UEFA. Ronaldo had not received the statuette, but next to it was the luxury in a revealing dress Shayk. At the awards ceremony European Footballer of the views of fans were glued not only to players, but to th...

Cheryl Cole

Image Cheryl Cole - Top Sexiest Wives of Football Players of the World

Cheryl Ann Cole (June 30, 1983) is a British singer and dancer. The singer debuted in 2002, when  was nominated as one of the winners of the competition Popstars: The Rivals.  Following the success she began a career in the music industry through the band Girls Aloud, who became one of the most important presence of British music scene.  Along with the other four components of the group  she has released a total of five studio albums and a comp...


Image Shakira - Top Sexiest Wives of Football Players of the World

Shakira is incredibly talented not only beautiful and sexy person . Well, Pique, lost his head for love, seems to leave at the peak. Shakira and Gerard Pique invite all your friends and fans to take part in a charity event “Baby Shower”, thus celebrating the future birth of their first child. The action was organized in conjunction with the fund UNICEF and aims to collect gifts and money to help disadvantaged children. The Latin-American Beauty, ...

Alena Seredova

Image Alena Seredova - Top Sexiest Wives of Football Players of the World

Alena Seredova was born in the Czech capital on March 21, 1978. Already at the age of 15, she began her modeling career, which would become her bread for a long time. In  20 years she won the beauty contest Miss Czech Republic. This achievement gave her a ticket to the international Miss World contest, a trip to the same in 1998, and in it she took the 4th place. Later, in 2002, Allen began her professional career as a model, and by the Italian comedian Giorg...

Victoria Beckham

Image Victoria Beckham - Top Sexiest Wives of Football Players of the World

Of course, we could not help but remember the wife of David Beckham , Victoria Beckham . The former lead singer of one the most popular pop groups in the world "Spice Girls" and now a successful designer gave birth to three sons and a long-awaited daughter. Victoria Beckham graced the cover of the May Harper's Bazaar as the "Queen Victoria." They started dating in 1997 and in 1998 announced their marriage. We understand that a smart appeara...

Sylvie van der Vaart

Image Sylvie van der Vaart  - Top Sexiest Wives of Football Players of the World

Sylvie van der Vaart may be designated without doubt one of the most beautiful in the world footballers wives. Last signed the beautiful Dutch 35-year-old is one of Hunkemoller, who launched a new collection at Christmas. Married with the Dutch footballer Rafael van der Vaart in 2005, after a two year relationship, Sylvie is devoid of the matches that argument forward to the national or club team. Moreover, many consider Rafael's image change was brought by...

Sara Carbonero

Image Sara Carbonero - Top Sexiest Wives of Football Players of the World

The Spanish model and journalist, the passion of Iker Casillas , the goalkeeper and the captain of Real Madrid is also one of the most beautiful women in the top . According to Wiki - "At the World Cup in 2010 Carbonero during the match between Spain and Switzerland, according to the fans, distracted the goalkeeper Iker Casillas Spanish national team, which led to the unexpected victory of the Swiss national team. This produced a scandal not only in Spain b...

Federica Nardzhi

Image Federica Nardzhi - Top Sexiest Wives of Football Players of the World

Federica Nardzhi is a 22-year-old model and the wife of the Italian football Alessandro Matri (Juventus). In 2007 became Miss Italy. The model and the TV presenter, as well as the girl of the famous footballer Alessandro Matri rested with her boyfriend on the Balearic Islands. The ever female star of "Juventus" Federica Nardzhi subdued on the island of Formentera. The hot Italian was playing tennis with her boyfriend on the beach and attracted man...

Sarah Brandner

Image Sarah Brandner - Top Sexiest Wives of Football Players of the World

The  German model  is best known as being the girlfriend of Bastian Schweinsteiger.They began their relationship in 2007 and live together in Munich. Sarah is listed as one of the sexiest women among the fottball players wives....


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