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Inform about the top 10 best films of 2013. The list includes films of all genres, but the British list has sparked controversy among fans who were unhappy with some choices. Here are the 10 best films of 2013, according to us.

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1. Gravity

Image 1. Gravity - The Best Films of  2013

Director: Alfonso Cuaron Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney In the space, nobody can hear you scream. The slogan of the Alien is perfectly suited, after 30 years, another cinematic masterpieces. Gravity, a film transports you into another world, it was chosen by the British Empire as the film of the 2013. Extolling the movie goers, Alfonso Cuaron's film has Oscar chances. Britons chose it because of the way director Cuaron managed to translate a story about space theater...

2. Captain Phillips

Image 2. Captain Phillips - The Best Films of  2013

 Director: Paul Greengrass Cast: Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi Paul Greengrass has made a real story , one full of emotion, with strong performances and to humanize even the villains. Tom Hanks makes viewers cry in the role of a captain who is held hostage by a group of Somali pirates. The case is real and shocked America 20 years ago. The film was described as flawless, and the new appeared in Barkhad Abdi, stealing nearly every scene in which it...

3. The World's End

Image 3. The World's End - The Best Films of  2013

Director: Edgar Wright Cast: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost The team behind the films Hot Fuzz and Shawn of The Dead come together for the third time. The World's End is a comedy about the end of the world, but more than that it is a film about friendship and what happens when you grow up and friendships got apart. Even though it is called a comedy, the film is more serious and exciting than the previous Cornetto trilogy, and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost p...

9. Stoker

Image 9. Stoker - The Best Films of  2013

Director: Chan-wook Park Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman Stoker, with a screenplay by Wentworth Miller, was the U.S. debut of South Korean director Chan-wook Park. The film, hard to pin a specific genre, has the suspense of a Hitchcock movie, oppressive atmosphere and brilliant performances. Strange family secrets are brought to the surface slowly enough suspense to grow from one scene to another, while Mia Wasikowska shines with Nicole Kidman...

4. The Great Beauty

Image 4. The Great Beauty - The Best Films of  2013

Director: Paolo Sorrentino Cast: Toni Servillo, Carlo Verdone An impressive film that made waves at Cannes, The Great Beauty is the story of an aging writer who remembers his  passionate youth. Rome today is very nicely portrayed. The Empire elected the top for " La Dolce Vita to Franco Zeffirelli in a contemporary Romanian odyssey"....

5. Alpha Papa

Image 5. Alpha Papa - The Best Films of  2013

Director: Declan Lowney Cast: Steve Coogan, Colm Meaney A  British comedy crazy crazy . A TV character is translated successfully on the big screen in a film that has excited critics. British humor is plentiful and Steve Coogan make a terribly sympathetic character, whose mouth acid lines  sound ironic and funny. Alpha Papa is done in the style of classic comedies, the story of a radio employee who lives in a world of mediocre classmates ...


Image 6.Rush - The Best Films of  2013

Director: Ron Howard Cast: Daniel Bruhl, Chris Hemsworth Dealing epic Formula 1, James Hunt, Niki Lauda were brought to the big screen this year by director Ron Howard. An elegant rivalry in which the two adversaries were never enemies, Hunt and Lauda brought magic show and Formula 1. Chris Hemwsorth left Thor's hammer for a more consistent, which shows his acting potential. But Daniel Bruhl is leading the brunt, in a film performed flawlessly in all parts sits in place. Adr...

7. Mud

Image  7. Mud - The Best Films of  2013

Director: Jeff Nichols Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Tye Sheridan Mud was one of the great surprises of the year. Although it was a heavily promoted film, moviegoers have had the joy to discover an exceptional cinematic with a moral story of Mark Twain style. Matthew McConaughey makes it one of the best roles of his career. Written and directed by Jeff Nichols the cast also includes Reese Witherspoon and Michael Shannon. Mud (played by Matthew McConau...

8. Lincoln

Image 8. Lincoln - The Best Films of  2013

Director: Steven Spielberg Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones Although he was the star of the year 2012, many saw  Lincoln  among the best films of 2013. The most beloved president in American history is the absolute shining Daniel Day-Lewis, who won the third Oscar of her career with this role, becoming the first player with three statues for the role. Mastery Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis's talent and a clever screenplay turned  Lincoln  into an...

10.Iron Man 3

Image 10.Iron Man 3 - The Best Films of  2013

Director: Shane Black Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley The Marvel seem to have found the miracle recipe for success, at least when it comes to superhero movies. After The Avengers, which was said film of 2012, Iron Man 3 here is ranked in the top movies of the year, not only took first place. Iron Man 3 has provided quality humor, an unexpected twist in the story (even if angered some), but above all, took advantage of the potential and charm ...


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