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The Most Expensive Houses in the World ( - Architecture and Design)

2 Antilla Antilla

Antilla is a building situated in Mumbai, India. It represents a 27-storey extravagant high-rise building, made mostly of glass, where all the storeys are different. The owner of the tower is the unique personality, Mukesh Ambani. He is the richest Indian businessman, who heads the Petrochemical Corporation Reliance Industries.   Description   The parking in the building has 6 floors...
2 Bran Castle Bran Castle

Draculả‘s Castle is situated in Romania. It is worth $ 135 million. Many people refer to this castle as Bran Castle.   Description   It is placed near Bran, next to Brasov. It is a borderline between Transylvania and Wallachia. The people learned about it due to Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The inspiration for the character was Vlad III, voivode of Wallachia. There are a ...
1 Villa Leopold Villa Leopold

Villa Leopold is situated on the French Riviera. This villa on the French Riviera was built in 1902 by the Belgian King Leopold II. They say that the house belonged to many famous people including Bill Gates, but in fact the owner was a banker billionaire of Lebanese-Israeli origin, Edmond Safra. Now the house belongs to his widow, Lily.   History   The beautiful house on the French Rivie...

The Best Engineering Projects ( - Architecture and Design)

2 The Scottish Parliament The Scottish Parliament

The original Parliament of Scotland or Estate of Scotland was a legislative body of the Independent Scotland and existed from the 13th century until it merged with the Parliament of England under the Act in1707 to form Kingdom of Great Britain. The parliament was referred to as Holyrood. It was designed by the catalan architect Enric Miralles ,some of the principal features of the complex include leaf-shaped buildings, a grass-roofed branch merging into adjacent parkland and...
1 Falkirk Wheel Falkirk Wheel

 The first rotating swivel lifting for  the ships was built in Scotland in Falkirk and became a symbol of the innovative engineering and architectural thought. It works with an amazing efficiency, raising the vessels from one channel to another and dropping them with a minimal power consumption. In addition, the stunningly beautiful building is perceived as a huge moving sculpture. In 1998 it was decided to launch the Mill...
1 The Alnwick Garden The Alnwick Garden

The entertaining process is one of the most important in the person’s life. This is the reason why the architects and the designers pay so much attention to it. There are many entertaining centers all over the world. The designers as if have initiated a contest of the best, the most beautiful, the most intricate parks. Here it is worth mentioning the Alnwick Garden. It is situated on the main east coast line between London and Edinburgh. The magnificence of the new water park can co...