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This project would connect Asia, Africa and Europe to North and South America. The bridge construction will begin with the most easterly point of Asia, Cape Dezhnevand and will lead to the westernmost point of North America, Cape Prince of Wales, connecting the Arctic Ocean (Chukchi Sea) with the Pacific Ocean (Bering Sea). Though it is difficult to build such a project due to the severe Arctic climate. The strait separates the two continents. For the first time the idea of creating such a traffic artery between Alaska and Russia, was expressed in 1890 by the Governor William Gilpin of Colorado. He talked about the possibility of building a giant bridge. In the 40th and the 60th years of the XX century, this idea was discussed again at the highest level. Currently, the cost of this project is estimated at $ 128 billion projected in accordance with the length of the tunnel, which connects Chukotka and Alaska, about 100 km. The construction will take at least 20 years. It is the largest project of its kind in history, said the German newspaper "Die Welt". The construction of the tunnel is an ambitious project. To date, the Russian and the U.S. territories do not have the necessary road and rail entrances. The American side has to build over 1200km motorways. Moreover, the construction may slow down due to the sharp protests from environmentalists. The closest route begins in Magadan on the Russian territory , at a distance of 1,600 km of the tunnel. On the railways this is not much better. On the American side the nearest the road starts in Prince George. A rail-borne canvas of nearly 2000 km will be built. On the territory of Russia a railway line that would link the tunnel with the Trans-Siberian Railway will have to be lined. The tunnel is supposed to lay in one of the most remote areas of the globe. The narrowest part of the Bering Strait Sea to Russia and Alaska share 37 km, and the Diomede Islands in the area ,only 5.8. However, for reasons of safety the experts recommend not to lay a tunnel along the shortest path, so that as a result of its length will be 96 kilometers. According to Viktor Razbegin who is doing this in the ministry of economy, we are talking about "one of the very few projects that could fundamentally change the Development of the Russian Far East. " He believes that "the chances of its implementation are good enough." U.S., Russia and Canada were close to having made a decision on the construction of the tunnel in 1998, but the discussion was dropped after the Russian debt default.


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In the last century it seemed to be impossible to overcome the rivers, the seas or the valleys, but due to the development of the construction technologies, the humanity could finally overpass them by building a lot of beautiful bridges and amazing constructions. Bridges had often been the place where lovers of all centuries met, bridges were their appointment places, that’s why they are often stereotyped as being romantic. Very often people plan their date on a bridge. If only they could speak, bridges would reveal a lot of secrets. This article contains the best bridges built by people and also the world’s most beautiful bridges.

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The  Bering Strait bridge - Amazing project
The Bering Strait bridge - Amazing project


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It connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific
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