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Director: Alfonso Cuaron

Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

In the space, nobody can hear you scream. The slogan of the Alien is perfectly suited, after 30 years, another cinematic masterpieces. Gravity, a film transports you into another world, it was chosen by the British Empire as the film of the 2013. Extolling the movie goers, Alfonso Cuaron's film has Oscar chances. Britons chose it because of the way director Cuaron managed to translate a story about space theaters, Sandra Bullock’s game and the effect that film has on the viewer leaves you speechless. Cuaron has worked for 4 years for this film, which impressed even the astronauts. Realism, suspense, great special effects and the emotions of Sandra Bullock made Gravity a unique, exciting and worth to be put on the list of most fascinating productions ever made film.


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